Whether it is a dispute between companies, a conflict among partners or shareholders, or damages inflicted by a former employee, Baty, Holm, Numrich & Otto, P.C., provides aggressive representation in all aspects of business litigation. The expansive growth of limited liability companies (LLC) in the 1990s has lead to a cottage industry of lawsuits among members of LLCs in the 2000s. We will help you navigate the ins-and-outs of your operating agreement and the general laws regarding LLCs in Missouri and Kansas.

Our firm has handled numerous lawsuits and pre-suit negotiations on behalf of shareholders and directors of corporations involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference, conversion, and RICO violations. We also represent employers and employees in cases concerning the misappropriation of trade secrets, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, duty of loyalty, and Lanham Act violations. In addition to these specialized areas of business litigation, Baty Holm handles countless claims regarding breach of contract, vendor disputes, franchisee claims, and real estate lawsuits.

Many small and mid-size corporations, LLCs, and partnerships rely on Baty Holm's experience with routine and complex corporate matters.  Our firm creates corporations, LLCs and limited partnerships in Missouri and Kansas.  Once a business is formed, we draft documents governing the management and operations of the business.  Throughout the life of a business, we help our clients by drafting employment agreements, non-compete and non-soliciation agreements, confidentiality agreements, succession plans, and other legal documents.  Our litigation experience is invaluable in identifying and avoiding potential pitfalls in corporate documents.